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Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage

Restore and rejuvenate with either a relaxation massage or a deep tissue massage treatment tailored and specialised to meet your needs.

Every massage is designed to nourish your body, release pressure and tension, relax the mind, melt away stress and restore energy and vitality to your whole being.

60 minutes | $90

90 minutes | $135

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Bioresonance Therapy

A safe, gentle and non-invasive therapy treatment for all ages.

First let us explain what the word "oscillation" is. Something that oscillates is something that vibrates or repeats the same pattern. You may be familiar with a pendulum, a string instrument when struck,

water waves, heart beat etc...


Along with healthy oscillations within our body, there are also pathological oscillations that exist which interfere with the overall balance. This occurs due to toxin overload, injury, disease and psychological stress.


During a treatment, oscillations are picked up from your skin surface and from substances within your body (ear wax, saliva, urine etc) and are transferred into our very sophisticated bioresonance machine.

They are then balanced and returned to the body activating a healing response. 

The body then experiences improvement in the cell function via the energetic pathways and relearns how to self heal.

First consultation | 90 mins | $150

Follow up treatment | 60 mins | $110

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Far Infrared Sauna

Not your traditional sauna, but one that uses infrared radiant energy to directly penetrate into the body's tissue to produce sweating. This works to detoxify your body by increasing your body's core temperate through the use of this Infrared heat. 

Benefits include improved skin tone, detoxing, weigh loss, pain relief, wound healing, boosts circulation, fights chronic fatigue and improves Cardiovascular Function.

1 hour | $45

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Ionic Foot Detox

A gentle treatment designed for all ages to assist in correctly re-balancing the bio energetic cells of the body.


Our cells rely upon the transfer of electrical currents to work efficiently in order to remain healthy. Therefore, the process of ‘ionisation’ assists the body’s positive and negative ions to be in balance; leading to efficient absorption of nutrients and excretion of waste.


Why not extend your relaxation experience and book your Ionic Foot Bath for after your massage or bioresonance treatment! Sit back, enjoy a cup of complimentary herbal tea and soak up the serenity of nature.


Children | 15 mins | $15

Adults | 30 mins | $30

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Combination Treatments

Massage 45 mins + Bio 45mins | $150

Massage 45 mins + Bio 45mins + Foot detox | $175

Massage 45 mins + Bio 45mins + Infrared sauna | $190

Massage 60 mins + Infrared sauna 60 mins | $130

Bio 60 mins + Infrared sauna 60 mins | $150

Massage 60 mins + Foot detox | $115

Bio 60 mins + Foot detox | $135

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Ionic Detox

"Bringing balance from the inside out"


Meet Lauren

Lauren is a qualified remedial massage and Bioresonance therapist.


She is the founder and director of Quantum Vitality and Equine Vitality. Lauren has a passion for the mind, body, soul and spirit and values the health and wellbeing of the living body as a whole. Lauren's intuitive and discerning gift combined with her knowledge and relatability, organically creates a safe haven for healing and balance to transpire.

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Meet Lauren


MONDAY 9am - 3pm & 4:30pm - 9pm

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FRIDAY 6:30am - 3pm




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South Australia, 5114

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